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Ensure your continued success at UC San Diego! 2nd year students are encouraged to sign up for one of these support programs offering community, advising, and other resources to help you deal with 2nd year issues, topics, and challenges.

You'll receive access to weekly newsletters, podcasts, and workshops especially created for 2nd year students. We also have a 2nd Year Experience YouTube channel!

Both programs require a year-long commitment from fall quarter to spring quarter of your 2nd year.

The video below was recorded prior to the start of COVID-19.


  • Limited to 205 second-year students
  • Application required (2024-2025 Application is NOW OPEN! Deadline is August 2nd, 2024)
  • Must meet with peer mxntor 3 times per quarter
  • Must attend minimum 2 workshops per quarter
  • Must enroll in EDS 23 (a 2-unit seminar offered winter quarter)
  • See all 2Excel program details