OASIS Mission & Vision Statements

Learn about the mission, vision, and core values held by the Office of Academic Support & Instructional Services at UC San Diego.

OASIS—Our contribution to campus climate

OASIS contributes to the overall campus climate and help students to gain confidence in themselves as scholars and develop their leadership ability and cultural competence. We believe that with such preparation, UCSD graduates will contribute mightily to a more just society and a more positive social fabric.

Mission Statement

The mission of OASIS (Office of Academic Support & Instructional Services) is to facilitate the intellectual and personal development of UC San Diego students, particularly underrepresented and underserved students. Through a challenging and supportive environment that emphasizes collaboration, validation, equity, and social justice, OASIS contributes significantly to students’ retention, achievement, learning, and empowerment.

Vision Statement

The Vision of OASIS is to play a prominent role in collaboration to ensure a greater institutional focus on teaching and learning and to contribute to a more equitable, inclusive and supportive campus climate at UC San Diego. This focus will ensure that OASIS provides a transformative learning experience that prepares students to provide leadership in a diverse society and be agents of change and social justice.

OASIS Core Values

  • Diversity
  • Social Justice
  • Equity
  • Student Development (intellectual and personal)
  • Community (sense of belonging)