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OASIS Mission & Vision Statements

Learn about the mission, vision, and core values held by the Office of Academic Support & Instructional Services at UC San Diego.

Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services


The vision of OASIS is to support Tritons' successful transition into UC San Diego and empower them to enter the world as socially just changemakers.


The mission of OASIS is to facilitate the holistic enrichment of UC San Diego students through community-based, and culturally responsive mentoring, academic support, and professional development.



OASIS Core Values

The story of OASIS is not complete without mention of Community. OASIS offers community-oriented programming for UC San Diego students of various backgrounds. At OASIS, we provide an affirming, nurturing, and transformative environment and support network. For many, OASIS is a home away from home, and a place to find and form chosen-family.


Social Justice
OASIS was born from a need to recognize the systemic inequities that impact students and their ability to succeed. The founders of OASIS answered a call to action to serve marginalized students by providing holistic support that focuses on their academic and professional success as well as their identity development and personal growth. OASIS itself continues to grow and evolve in its efforts to best serve students through approaches informed by Social Justice.


Within all OASIS programming, Education, in its various forms, is understood as the vehicle through which students evolve both academically and personally. OASIS’s student services, including academic support, operate through a lens of cultural wealth that values and celebrates the varied cultural capital that students carry with them. It is through this critical lens which validates students, that OASIS supports them in their academic achievement.


OASIS understands that people are stronger in togetherness. OASIS is and strives to be a united organization that is an active ally informed by love and intersectionality. OASIS works to provide a caring environment that allows students to unite amongst themselves both in their differences and commonalities


OASIS works to provide the support and space to empower students in their academic, professional, and personal pathways. OASIS recognizes that these pathways are rarely straight lines, and values the determination and resilience that students embody upon entering UC San Diego and demonstrate throughout their journeys. Our space provides opportunities for students to leverage their voices via storytelling in various capacities to give them another platform to highlight their lived experiences in a powerful way. OASIS students are supported in their quests to become their own change agents.