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Central OASIS Staff

  • Dr. Charles Lu

    Dr. Charles Lu

    OASIS Director

    • Originally from Washington D.C.
    • B.S. Psychology, M.S. Secondary Science Education, Ph.D. Higher Education Administration
    • At OASIS since 2017

  • David Galvez

    David Galvez

    OASIS Assistant Director

    • Originally from Los Angeles, CA
    • B.A. English, M.Ed. Educational Psychology 
    • At OASIS since 2018

  • Emme Domingo

    Emme Domingo

    OASIS Office Manager 

    •Originally from San Diego, CA

    •B.A. Literary Journalism & Sociology, M.A. Post-Secondary Educational Leadership

    •At OASIS since 2019

  • Andre Thompson

    Andre Thompson

    OASIS Program Support Specialist

    • Originally from Shelby, NC 
    • Summer Bridge 2013 alumnus 
    • B.A. Political Science, Minor African American Studies 
    • At OASIS Since 2018

Affiliated OASIS Staff 

  • Dr. Dal Dean

    Dr. Dal Dean

     OASIS Lecturer 

    •Originally from Fort Collins, CO
    •B.S. Psychology, B.A. Sociology, M.A. Student Affairs Adminstration, Ph.D. Higher Education Leadership 
    •At OASIS Since 2018 


  • Dr. Lilian Salcedo

    Dr. Lilian Salcedo

    CAPS Counseling Psychologist

    •Originally from Mexico City, Mexico
    •B.A. Psychology, M.A. Clinical Psychology, Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)
    •At OASIS since 2019

Bridge Program

  • Margarita Lopez

    Margarita Lopez

    Summer Bridge Coordinator 

    • Originally from San Diego, CA
    • Summer Bridge 2008 alumna
    • B.A. Sociology, Minor International Migration Studies, M.A. Social Work
    • At OASIS since 2016

  • Bel Geronimo

    Bel Geronimo

    Summer Bridge Assistant Coordinator 

    • Originally from San Diego, CA
    • Summer Bridge 2010 alumna
    • B.A. Human Development
    • At OASIS since 2016

  • Ebony Wiley-Campbell

    Ebony Wiley-Campbell

    Summer Bridge Program Assistant 

    •Originally from San Marcos, CA 
    •B.A. Ethnicity, Race and First Nations Studies, M.A. Higher Education Leadership 
    •At OASIS since 2019 


  • Berenice Jau

    Berenice Jau

    TRIO SSSP Director

    • Originally from National City, CA
    • Summer Bridge 1994 alumna
    • B.A. Sociology, M.A. Education
    • At OASIS since 2010

  • Eddie Paje

    Eddie Paje

    TRIO SSSP Assistant Director 

    •Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii 
    •B.S. Kinesiology , M.A. Leadership Studies in Higher Education 
    •At OASIS since 2018


  • Kim Vasadre

    Kim Vasadre

    TRIO SSSP Program Assistant

    •Originally from Los Angeles, CA & Manila, Phillippines 
    •B.A. Human Development 
    •At OASIS Since 2018 

Hope Scholars Program

  • Javier Arredondo

    Javier Arredondo

    Hope Scholars Coordinator

    • Originally from Gridley, CA
    • B.S. Civil & Environmental Engineering, M.A. Education 
    • At OASIS since 2017

2nd Year Experience Program

  •  Haydee Cervantes Salazar

    Haydee Cervantes Salazar

    2nd Year Experience Program Coordinator

    • Originally from Los Angeles, CA
    • Summer Bridge 2003 alumna
    • B.A. Political Science, Minor International Migration Studies
    • At OASIS since 2016

  • Michelle Lara

    Michelle Lara

    2nd Year Experience Assistant Coordinator

    • Originally from North County San Diego, CA
    • B.A. Psychology, M.S. Multicultural Counseling
    • At OASIS since 2016

  • Stephanie Ramos

    Stephanie Ramos

    2nd Year Experience Program Assistant

    • Originally from San Ysidro, CA
    • B.A. Human Development, Minor Ethnic Studies
    • At OASIS since 2018


Math & Science Tutorial Program (MSTP)

  • Brian Crie

    Brian Crie

    MSTP Assistant Coordinator

    • Originally from San Diego, CA
    • B.S. Chemical Engineering
    • At OASIS since 2014

  • Kathleen Gundran

    Kathleen Gundran

    MSTP Subject Coordinator


    •Originally from Palm Springs, CA 

    •B.S. Biochemistry and Cell Biology

    •At OASIS since 2019

  • Sabrina Tucker

    Sabrina Tucker

    MSTP Math Subject Coordinator

    • Originally from Moreno Valley, CA
    • B.A. General Biology
    • Summer Bridge 2011 alumna
    • At OASIS since 2016