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Creative Arts Fellowship

The photos below were taken before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS) is offering a Creative Arts Fellowship to 10 students in support of their artistic development. In alignment with the OASIS core value of Empowerment, the Creative Arts Fellowship encourages holistic student development by providing funds and a platform for students to showcase their unique talents and individual stories through their own words and media.

The OASIS Creative Arts Fellowship committee will select five creative writing fellows and five visual (or multimedia) fellows who will be awarded $500 each upon completion of their artistic projects created around the theme of:

Self-care: What it Means During a Pandemic

 The OASIS Creative Arts Fellows and their completed projects will be published in a digital and print journal at the end of the academic year.


All applicants must be two criteria:

(1) UC San Diego undergraduate students enrolled either part-time or full-time through Spring 2021.

(2) A current or former student/student employee within one of the following OASIS programs:

  • Summer Bridge
  • Hope Scholars
  • 2Excel
  • OTC (OASIS Transfer-to-Career)
  • Underground Scholars
  • MSTP (Math Science Tutorial Program)
  • LATS (Language Arts Tutorial Services)
Transfer to Career students

OASIS Creative Arts Fellowship

The Application for the Spring 2022 OASIS Creative Arts Fellowship is now open and will close April 1st @11:59pm! Check out the fellowship requirements and timeline before applying!


CAF 2021 Fellows

Meet the first 8 OASIS UCSD fellows from 2021, check out their projects and learn more about the inspiration behind them!

Art Showcase Website

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will there be an information session about the OASIS Creative Arts Fellowship?

Yes! Tuesday from 12pm-1pm, during week 1 of Spring quarter.

What should my artist biography include?

You have the freedom to include any details you wish within a maximum of 100 words. However, keep in mind that if you are selected, your artist biography will be published in the journal, both online and in print (although it may be edited prior to publishing). Standard artist biographies typically include the artist’s full name (and pen/artist name, if applicable), hometown, length of time practicing their particular artform, other artistic interests/endeavors, aspirations/missions/goals, and influences/inspiration.

How developed does my work sample need to be?

  • Your work sample by no means needs to be a thorough draft as you will have until week 10 of the Spring quarter to complete your project. The purpose of this fellowship is not to provide funding for completed works, but to support your artistic development as you work on a new endeavor. However, a strong sample should provide a general sense of what you hope your finished work to convey.
    For example: 
    • A writing sample can be an excerpt or scene
    • A visual sample can be a sketch
    • A multimedia example can be a short clip
  • If you have created similar works in the past, you have the option to upload them as supplemental samples of your work.

What is the selection committee looking for?

  • The selection committee will recommend eligible applicants for the fellowship based on how well the proposed project meets four criteria:
    • Realistic completion within the provided timeline
    • Alignment with the theme
    • Originality
    • Insight
      • Is the proposed project thought-provoking?
      • Does the proposed project offer a deeper understanding of the subject matter?


OASIS Creative Arts Fellowship

Humanities Lead: Maggie Thach Morshed