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OASIS Learning Communities 

OASIS Learning Communities (OLCs) are seminar style learning environment for students transistioning into their first year at UC San Diego. OLCs meet once a week (weeks 2-10) with the goal of maximizing the first-year experience through: focused topics, campus resources, and tips for aciencing academic and career goals. Community building is also a vital aspect to the OLC experience with: smaller groups, peer-to-peer collaboration, OASIS professional and student staff, and UCSD campus partners. 


    • OLC Enrollment required for ALL OASIS Summer Bridge Students
      • Continued participation in Summer Bridge
      • Priority registration for 2021 Winter Quarter
      • Continued Peer Mentoring and Events
      • No unexcused absences


OLC Schedule Fall 2020 

Applications open August 24, 2020-September18th, 2020

OASIS Learning Community Application

Please click the following link to apply to the OLC's for this fall. Please read the application carefully!


College OLC Schedule

OLC  Time Location  OLC Coach 
Revelle  WED, 11am  Zoom TBA
Muir  FRI, 11am Zoom TBA
Marshall TUES, 12pm Zoom TBA
Warren TUES, 11am Zoom TBA
ERC  WED, 11am  Zoom TBA
Sixth WED, 12pm Zoom TBA
Seventh  FRI, 12pm  Zoom TBA

Culture, Identity, and Advocacy OLC Schedule

OLC Time  Location OLC Coach
Ethnic Studies  TUES, 1pm Zoom TBA
African-American Studies  WED, 1pm Zoom TBA
Chicanx and Latinx Studies  FRI, 10am Zoom TBA
Critical Gender Studies  WED, 2pm Zoom TBA

Career and Professional Exploration OLC Schedule

OLC  Time Location OLC Coach
Pre-Med A  MON, 11am Zoom TBA
Pre-Med B THURS, 11am Zoom TBA
Pre-Health A  MON, 12pm  Zoom TBA
Pre-Health B  THURS, 12pm  Zoom TBA
Engineering A MON, 1pm  Zoom TBA
Engineering B THURS, 1pm Zoom TBA
Pre-Law  MON, 2pm Zoom TBA
Psychology  THURS, 2pm Zoom TBA
Cognitive Science  MON, 11am Zoom TBA
Environmental Systems  TUES, 11am Zoom TBA
Public and Global Health  WED, 11am Zoom TBA
International Business  THURS, 11am Zoom TBA
Visual Art and Digital Media FRI, 11am Zoom  TBA
Career Exploration  FRI, 12pm Zoom TBA


How many OLCs can I register for?

You can register for one OLC. It is recommended to have alternate choices because some OLC slots fill up faster than others.

Will OLCs be virtual?

Yes all OLCs will be through the zoom platform.