Student Testimonials

See what previous student participants have to say about the TRIO SSSP transition program at UC San Diego, and imagine yourself as a Summer Experience student.

  • Diana Ratsamy, Summer Experience 2014

    Diana Ratsamy, Summer Experience 2014

    "SSSP Summer Experience 2014 changed me. I was emotionally touched by how closely connected I got to so many students in my SSSP cohort in such little time (only 1 whole week!). Summer Experience was foundational to building my sense of belonging at UCSD through the SSSP community. SSSP is more than just a community for me, it’s my familia outside my real familia back home. During my first quarter at UCSD, I struggled excelling in a challenging writing course. I became depressed and felt ashamed when I dropped this course during the 6th week of my first quarter. However, the SSSP Staff, my SSSP Mentor, and my SSSP friends and peers helped me get through this academic obstacle. They are all so supportive, caring, and loving. And to this day, I sometimes cry tears of joy thinking about how happy and thankful I am to the beautiful people I have met in SSSP who have contributed to my academic and personal growth while at UCSD. Thank you my SSSP familia! #trioworks"

  • Jose Burciaga, Summer Experience 2014

    Jose Burciaga, Summer Experience 2014

    "SSSP provided me with many resources to succeed in college at a professional and personal level. The support I received motivated me to challenge myself. As a result of this powerful support and information provided, I accomplished several goals. I did the McNair Program (nationally recognized research program), I studied abroad in Europe where I visited a total of 12 countries, I did the UCDC program which allows students to intern in a Washington D.C. organization. I was also able to land an internship with the U.S. International Trade Administration. This fall 2017 I will start my Master’s Degree in International Affairs at UCSD's School of Global Policy and Strategy which ranks amongst the best International Affairs programs in the world. I have to be extremely thankful that I joined SSSP."

  • Heidi Mondragon, Summer Experience 2013

    Heidi Mondragon, Summer Experience 2013

    “When applying for this program, I didn’t expect much from it. I didn’t realize what impact it would have on me. Academically, I don’t think I would be doing as well as I am if I weren’t a TRIO student. They provide me with class workshops and with a workroom to study in. Not only that, but I have met many great friends through this program. TRIO SSSP has provided me with an honest, open, supportive community. I know that I am not alone through the struggles of college. Berenice and Freddy run TRIO SSSP, and they do an amazing job. They truly do whatever is in their power to help you with whatever you may need. They’re both genuine, and without even realizing it, you will become very close with them. There are a ton of perks that come with being a part of TRIO SSSP, and the experience lasts after “Summer Experience” is over. As many students like to say, 'TRIO SSSP is my home away from home.'”