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TRIO SSSP Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about TRIO SSSP, an OASIS transition program for newly admitted students to UC San Diego.

How many students will be selected to participate in the Summer Experience?

We typically expect to select approximately 30-45 First year and Transfer students to participate and become part of the new cohort.  Numbers vary depending on the number of students that graduate in the Spring quarter of the same year.

If I'm unable to participate in the Summer Experience, can I still be a TRIO SSSP student?

It will depend on the number of available spaces we have in the program which varies from year to year, since we are only funded to serve a certain number of students.  That number is determined by the number of students that graduate in the Spring quarter of the same year.  Yet, it is highly encouraged that you participate in the Summer Experience to help make a successful transition to UC San Diego.

Is the Summer Experience free?

Yes, it's free! There is no monetary cost to you for the program. However, we do expect your full participation in all aspects of TRIO SSSP (the Summer Experience and the commitment to the program until you graduate).

Why should I consider participating in the TRIO SSSP Summer Experience?

Here are a few good reasons why you should consider attending our program:

  • It's free! There is no monetary cost to you. In return, we do expect your full participation in all aspects of the program.
  • It will be a chance for you to build community with other incoming students, and hopefully make life-long relationships.
  • You'll establish a network of faculty, staff, and peers in a supportive environment.
  • Throughout your time as a TRIO SSSP student, you will be given the opportunity to participate in cultural programs, community service, academic workshops, field trips, and other extracurricular activities.
  • It's a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Where will the Summer Experience be held?

During Summer 2022, the Summer Experience program will return to campus and be a one-week residential program in one of the campus' residence halls.  More information will be sent to those students that are accepted into the program.

If selected to attend Summer Experience, will I need to wear masks the entire time?

The global pandemic has made things challenging for university programs and staff.  Safety will be our primary concern as we return to campus.  So, the Summer Experience Program will be following all campus and CDC guidelines as it pertains to masking, distancing, testing, and documentation of vaccination at the time of the program.  More information will be provided to students selected for the program.

If I attend the Summer Experience Program, will I be able to drive and park on campus?

It is highly encouraged that Summer Experience participants have their family or friends drop them off at the location of the program.  Parking on campus is limited and costly.  Furthermore, we are not able to provide parking permits for anyone that brings a vehicle.

How do I get accepted into the Summer Experience?

Students will be selected based on the information they provide in the online application as well as the essay responses given. Students need to meet federal TRIO eligibility requirements of first-generation college status, low income, and/or be a student with a disability. Income maximum are based on taxable income.

If I participate in the Summer Experience, do I automatically get accepted into TRIO SSSP?

Yes. The Summer Experience is just the initial component of TRIO SSSP services. Once the academic year begins, you will be a TRIO SSSP participant and will receive all OASIS and SSSP services for up to 6 years.

Can I participate in more than one of the transition programs?

Due to limited spaces, compared to the number of incoming first-year students, students are eligible to participate in only one transition program. We try to serve as many students as possible.

If you are offered the opportunity to participate in Summer Bridge or TRIO SSSP, you should! If for some reason you are not accepted to either SB or the Summer Experience, and/or you cannot commit to their summer activities, then you may be considered for acceptance to TRIO SSSP for academic year services and support, if space permits.

Still have questions? E-mail us or call (858) 534-6308.