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Hope Scholars Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Hope Scholars, an OASIS transition and retention program for newly admitted students to UC San Diego.

Am I eligible to be part of the program even though I was not in foster care?

Yes, we work with students who are current or former foster youth. We also work with students under legal guardianship, homeless or disconnected.
Please email our program email address at if you have any further questions. 

Do I need to submit any documentation?

Yes, you will need to submit documentation to designate your status: ward of the court, independent FAFSA status, guardianship paperwork, statement describing your situation, etc.

Will I still be eligible for all program services if I was not in foster care?

There will be some limitations, mostly with financial aid. Some of the scholarships and grants are specifically targeted towards foster youth only. As the program has recently become open to other populations of students, we hope to expand our options for all our students

How much does it cost to be part of Hope Scholars?

It’s free! All components of the program are at no cost to the student.

How long can students be a part of the program?

Students are part of the program for the entirty of their duration at UCSD.

Still have questions? Email Kesia Williams or call (858) 534-7650.