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Hope Scholars Student Testimonials

See what previous student participants have to say about the TRIO SSSP transition program at UC San Diego, and imagine yourself as a Summer Experience student.

  • Julian Alcantar, Hope Scholars Graduate 2017

    Julian Alcantar, Hope Scholars Graduate 2017

    "Being a part of the Hope Scholars program has given me a sense of community during my time at UCSD. It has allowed me to interact with peers who shared my experiences, have the support of a caring staff who are always available to help and listen, and provides resources that supports my academics. The most significant experience with Hope Scholars has been the staff and how deeply the care about the program and their students. They are always available to listen and find the resources needed for a student’s success. They put a lot of work into programs and events throughout the year to provide a strong sense of community and support. Both Javier and Berenice have been my base of support and I owe my success to them. My time with Hope Scholars have made my time at UCSD enjoyable and I have definitely enjoyed all the free food at events!"

  • Daniella Tajimaroa, Hope Scholars Current Student

    Daniella Tajimaroa, Hope Scholars Current Student

    "During my time at UCSD, the Hope Scholars Program has been instrumental in providing me with much needed resources for my holistic success as a first generation college and first generation immigrant, Latina student.  Additionally, I have felt personally supported in my well-being from staff and on-campus partners of the Hope Scholars as well as empowered to help increase the visibility for former foster youth at UCSD and in the community.  I have learned valuable life skills, how to ask (and receive) help, and how to be an advocate for my needs and my future. 

     A significant part of the program that sticks out to me are the connections to other off campus foster youth/student programs and scholarships that Hope Scholars helps facilitate.  These resources were crucial to my successful transition and I would not have felt as confident or welcomed without the connections/personal advocacy.  I also greatly appreciate the holiday dinners that the staff puts together when going home with family is not always a feasibly option during breaks and holidays."

  • Marlene Ayala, Hope Scholars Current Student

    Marlene Ayala, Hope Scholars Current Student

    "My experience here UCSD wouldn't be the same without being a part of the Guardian Scholars program. The people I've met in the program have really impacted my time here by always being there to help and to lend an ear.

    One of the best things about the program is how available everyone is to help you out. There is always someone in different departments to hear your concerns. The community within the program is also beneficial to my stay here. I know that once I graduate that I will look back to the program as it being one of my favorite things about UCSD.”