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Summer Bridge Class of:


Desmond Fletcher | 1983

Workers Compensation Claim Administrator in Insurance
On the Human Relations Commission for the City of Long Beach, the board of a nonprofit adult softball league, and inducted into the softball hall of fame

Desmond grew up in South Central Los Angeles with a single parent but had a lot of input from his grandparents, uncles, and aunts. He returned to Los Angeles after graduating and has been able to travel extensively for softball and personal leisure. He has been to about 36 states and 5 continents (Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and North America) and plans to go to South America next year.

Email: Blklbc@aol.com

Michelle Gonzales Bleza | 1985

Special Projects Manager at UC Riverside – Palm Desert Center

Michelle pays it forward by mentoring students, mainly in the Coachella Valley, in their efforts to pursue college and graduate school. She is proud that Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz and his campaign team awarded her and her husband Alex (Bridge '86) the "Dreamer" award for their work assisting high school interns and volunteers with resumes, college apps, scholarship opportunities, etc.

Michelle was a Bridge counselor from 1987–1990. She went on to earn a M.S. in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Colorado State University and eventually a doctorate in education from USC in 2013. Her dissertation focused on undocumented community college students. She has worked in higher education for over 20 years. Her career was inspired from the support of and her work at OASIS throughout her undergraduate years.

Email: michelle.bleza@gmail.com | LinkedIn

Tony Valadez | 1986

Sergeant of Police at Los Angeles Police Department

Tony is involved in community policing, the ePolicing Community Outreach Project, field operations and area administration. He is also the Internal Affairs Investigator. He is proud to have been a high-school baseball and track and field coach.

Email: tval33@sbcglobal.net

Maria Francisco | 1987

Organist/ Choir Director at Church Music at St. Joseph's Episcopal Church in Durham, North Carolina

Maria was a research chemist before going into choir. She completed her Bachelor's in Chemistry in 1992 and Ph.D. in Natural Products Chemistry at Clark University in Worcester, MA. She moved to Durham, NC to work as a post-doc at Research Triangle Institute, North Carolina Central University, and UNC Chapel Hill. She is involved with the local American Guild of Organists chapter, having served as their Treasurer/ Registrar since 2009. She is also involved on a voluntary basis with the Star Quest Production Network, based in Amersfoort, The Netherlands and Roswell, GA, serving as a part-time copy editor and producer of the SQPN podcast, "Catholic Weekend.“

She has a couple of first-author papers in Tetrahedron Letters, Journal of Natural Products, and J. Med. Chem, and a couple of book chapters as well as several presentations made at various scientific conferences in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Email: mariaefrancisco@gmail.com

Paula Caballero | 1988

Owner and Manager, Property Management/ Vacation RentalsPaula manages vacation rental apartments in Paris, France and vacation homes in Las Vegas, NV. Check out her Paris properties website. Paula previously was an award-winning newspaper journalist for more than a decade in Texas, prior to running away to Paris for a new adventure.

Email: pcaballero17@yahoo.com

Gail Oytas | 1989

Vocational Transition Specialist at Sequoia Union High School District

Gail is involved in numerous different positions as a Special Education Teacher, the Workability Grant Coordinator, a member of the San Mateo County Commission on Disabilities Transition to Independence Fair planning committee, Department of Rehabilitation Transition Partnership Program counselor, and a San Mateo County Interagency consortium member.

Email: gail_oytas@yahoo.com

Ethriam Brammer, Ph.D. | 1989

Associate Director of Wayne State University, Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies

Dr. Brammer manages various learning communities and student support services aimed to meet the needs of underrepresented students and underserved communities, with a particular emphasis on U.S. Latino/as and the Latin American diaspora.

He is a Chicano poet — who became a college administrator.

He has published 7 books and works in student support services recognized in 2011 by Excelencia in Education! as a National Example of Excelencia!

"Most of what I learned about student services, I learned through OASIS and TRIO. And I've spent my professional life as a college administrator attempting to replicate the strategies I learned as an undergrad at UCSD."

Email: ethriam@yahoo.com


Ricardo Sandoval | 1990

Production Shift Leader at NBC San Diego

Ricardo supervises the production team at NBC San Diego that broadcasts "NBC 7 News In The Morning" and "NBC 7 News Midday," bringing viewers the latest breaking news, traffic and weather information.

He is outgoing and cheerful. He was awarded an Emmy in 2007 for directing live TV coverage of wildfires in San Diego County. He routinely speaks to UCSD Communication students with an interest in TV news production. He extends the same courtesy to OASIS students with a serious interest in the field.

Email: Ricardo.Sandoval@nbcuni.com

Lydia Zendejas | 1990

MESA Director/ Undergraduate Advisor at UC Santa Cruz, Jack Baskin School of Engineering (BSOE)

Lydia is a collaborative team member and strong advocate for students. She advises students on the various undergraduate degrees in the School of Engineering and prospective and current students regarding academics and degree standing. She directs the MESA Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP), including overseeing the academic services, budget allocation of external funds, resource development and evaluation methods of the program.She serves as program director for the annual Engineering Summer Bridge Program for incoming underrepresented engineering students.

Email: chicana_eagle@hotmail.com

Jeffrey Andal | 1991

Hospitalist at Kaiser Permanente

Jeff was an Associate Professor with the School of Medicine at University of Nevada. He also served as an Associate Program Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program. Jeff completed a Masters in Public Health at Boston University and published articles pertaining to diabetes and thyroid problems. He is a father and husband first, physician second. He is happily married with 3 children and lives in Northern California.

Email: Jeff.andal@gmail.com

Luis Torres | 1991

Program Manager II for Social Work/ Youth Programs

Luis supervises a youth program for current and former foster youth that provides services such as life skills training, college-prep, career exploration, job readiness, housing services, work experience, counseling and vocational training. He has worked with youth programs most of his professional life.

He became supervisor 2 years after working in the field of social work/ youth programs and has been a supervisor for over 10 years. Some of the programs have received awards for displaying innovation and success. He has written grants totaling several millions to benefit foster youth and low-income youth. He has been able to travel throughout the United States (New York, Miami, Philadelphia, New Orleans, etc.) and recommends that young people travel as early as possible.

Email: ltorres@ivrop.org

Alicia Ivonne Estrada | 1992

Associate Professor of Chicana/o Studies at California State University, Northridge

She was born in Guatemala and raised in Los Angeles, where she lives and teaches. She is passionate about her research and writing and Maya and Central American communities are a source of inspiration and empowerment. Her research focuses on Maya cultural productions in Guatemala and the United States. She has published articles on contemporary Maya literature, radio and film and also written on Maya historical memory and resistance in Guatemala.

Alicia teaches Chicana/o culture and literature as well as Central American literature, culture, women, indigenous movements, and the diaspora. She is also one of the hosts on the Maya radio program Contacto Ancestral, which airs in Los Angeles on the community radio station KPFK.

Email: alicia.estrada@csun.edu

TommyJoe Valenzuela | 1993

SVP Western Region Director at the Millennium Trust Company

In addition to “traditional alternatives,” TJ and Millennium Trust Company recognize the opportunity to educate the crowd-funding community about Qualified Custody for institutional investors, RIAs, managers of private funds, portals, and platforms launching in the P2P debt/ equity space. Additionally, we are facilitating exposure for individual investors to the P2P lending platforms which offer a new opportunity for investors seeking to diversify portfolios and enhance returns. Institutions and advisors looking to hold these assets in a private fund or portfolios, must not only work with a reputable online lending platform, but also find a custodian that specializes in holding these types of assets.

Email: tvalenzuela@mtrustcompany.com

Caliph al-Jihad | 1994

Teacher at a college in Osaka, Japan

Caliph is currently serving as a teacher in a college in Osaka, Japan and held the position of educational coordinator for several years. He also works with Osaka YELP and multinational educational companies looking to expand into the Japanese market. Lastly he coordinates events including setting up interviews with Blackan Radio, an Internet Radio Station based in Osaka, and U.S. artists performing in Japan. He is calm, aware and determined. He looks to represent his family, his community and himself in a positive and healthy manner both domestically and internationally. During his undergraduate years, he worked as a Discussion Facilitator in 1997 and a Writing Facilitator in 1998.

Email: peacegod97@hotmail.com

James Fabionar | 1996

Ph.D. Candidate/ Lecturer in Education and Ethnic Studies

After UCSD, James was a high school teacher and administrator for 7 years. He is currently finishing up his Ph.D. at UC Davis in educational policy and teaching at Cal State University, Sacramento. His research focuses on school partnerships with community organizations in areas with high levels of racial and ethnic minority learners and low-income populations.

Email: jfabionar@gmail.com

Robert Lennox | 1996

Community Services Director for the City of Menifee

Robert handles park management and operations, recreation programming, park development and new construction, master planning and residential development conditioning, community development block grant administration, community advocacy and organizing. He is deliberate, passionate, humble and proud of raising two healthy sons.

Email: Rlennox.home@gmail.com

Philip Osborne | 1997

College Instructor in Biology – Human Anatomy and Human Physiology

Philip edits anatomy textbooks and has taught at a community college for the past 11 years.

Email: posborne@sdccd.edu

Patrick Forhane | 1997

Credit Officer/ Vice President at Citibank

Patrick is currently a Member of the Board of Directors of Notes in Motion Outreach Dance Theatre. He has traveled to over 30 countries and has been able to experience a lot of things around the world.

Email: Pforhane@yahoo.com

cindyCindy Hudson | 1997

Senior Environmental Chemist at Exelon Corporation – Quad Cities Nuclear Generating Station

Cindy's experience as a facilitator for Summer Bridge and a Chemistry Tutor for OASIS helped hertremendously as an instructor for the Navy's Nuclear Power School. After 4 years in the Navy, Cindy taught Chemistry at a nuclear power plant and recently transitioned to the Environmental Chemistry group at the nuclear plant.

Email: cjhudson23@hotmail.com

Nneka Udoh | 1998

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Attorney with the New York City Parks & Recreation Department

Nneka investigates complaints of discrimination and [sexual] harassment. She is passionate, determined and carefree. As a UCSD student, Nneka was a member/on the board of AASU; Co-founder of "BridgeCrew." Worked as a tutor with EAOP. Currently, she volunteers with a Haitian nonprofit that has conducted relief work in Haiti prior to the 2010 earthquake.

Email: nnudoh@gmail.com | LinkedIn

Sara Gonzalez | 1998

Assistant Professor of Anthropology at University of Washington, Seattle

Sara is a Professional Archaeologist and Professor. She partners with tribal nations in California, Washington, and Oregon to assist with their historic preservation needs. She is fascinated by all things old and motivated to contribute to the capacity of communities to care for their heritage.

Sara received her doctorate from UC Berkeley in 2011, then finished post-doctoral fellow at Carleton College in Minnesota and at Vassar College in New York. She's looking for motivated undergraduate and graduate students who would like to work in her Historical Archaeology lab or who would like to be trained in indigenous methods in archaeology and anthropology.

Email: gonzalsa@uw.edu

Cicely Carnahan | 1999

Account Executive in ESPN Sales and Marketing

Cicely works on Hispanic digital advertising campaigns for blue-chip advertisers including T-Mobile, Toyota, Corona, Disney, McDonald's, and Wells Fargo. She earned her MBA degree from USD and is a savvy business professional for community advancement. She is also a Hispanic Scholarship Fund reader. Being bilingual in Spanish was an important tool to kick-starting her business career and positively influencing her salary negotiations. In her free time, she loves to play beach volleyball.

Jeff Green | 1999

Academic Advisor at California State University San Marcos

Jeff was previously involved with the National Association of Asian American Professionals, San Diego Chapter as its Director of Finance/ Treasurer. He earned his Master's Degree in Education with emphasis in MultiCultural Counseling through the Community Based Block Program at San Diego State University in 2011.

Email: halohalo45@gmail.com


Stephaney Smith | 2000

Hardware Quality Assurance Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL)

After graduating with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Stephaney was hired by the U.S. Air Force as an Electronic Warfare Test Engineer. She tested global hawk payloads and F-35 sensors then worked as a Project Lead Engineer at Edwards Air Force Base's anechoic chamber.

She currently works on the Mars 2020 rover at JPL after gaining her Masters in Mechanical Engineering at CSULA. She is always eager to learn and enjoying what life has to offer.

Patricia Segura | 2000

Mathematics Teacher/ ELL Newcomer Program Coordinator at Fremont High School in Oakland

Patricia is developing newcomer programs at the high-school level to best serve recently arrived students with an array of skill levels. She advocates for high quality and equitable education.

Teresa Hodges | 2000

Doctoral Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant in Education and Ph.D student at the University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa

Teresa was a former teacher for 3 years with Pin@y Educational Partnerships (PEP), aiming to aid in the retention, empowerment, and leadership development of Filipina/o Americans in San Francisco.

She received the Asian American Studies (AAS) Graduate Student Distinguished Achievement Award from the Department of AAS at SFSU in 2014.

Email: terehodges@gmail.com

Angela Brooks | 2000

Assistant Professor at the Department of Biomolecular Engineering, UC Santa Cruz

Angela is a friendly and ambitious individual involved in cancer genomics and science outreach. She is proud of co-authoring 12 publications, being in the NSF graduate research fellowship and the postdoctoral fellowship from the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation, having awesome friends, and surviving winters in Boston.

Email: anbrooks@ucsc.edu

Melissa Navarro | 2001

Works at Project CORE

Melissa was an ATC, Resource Counselor for OASIS and a College Rep in Education at SDSU. She currently works for a 1.5 million dollar grant that prepares teachers on delivering the Common Core to English learners. She is also in a Ph.D program to conduct research on teacher preparation for those that want to teach in a dual language setting in Spanish.

She has taught in China and was recorded as an example of how to teach English. She is in the process of preparing a proposal in order to present the research she has been conducting at her job at conferences.

Email: manavarro@mail.sdsu.edu

Jorge Ramirez | 2001

Director and Master Control Operator at Herring Broadcasting

As the director, Jorge is in charge of directing the weekend news. He programs, codes and operates an automated program that controls the cameras, soundboard, videos, lights, live feeds, etc. As a Master Control Operator, he programs all the shows, promos, commercials, TV IDs, and signal cues that go out into the satellite and into people's televisions.

Email: jorge.e.ramirez83@gmail.com

Elizabeth Argueta | 2002

Research Attorney with Immigration Law

Elizabeth is also involved with the Executive Office for Immigration Review in Los Angeles as an intern.

Pablo Inzunza Velazquez | 2003

Medical Doctor in Family Medicine

Pablo is involved in Kaiser Permanente San Diego General Family Medicine practice with focus on prevention of chronic diseases and Kaiser's Summer Urban Health Fellowship — a pipeline program he helped design to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds reach their goals as future scientists or health care workers.

Email: Pinzunza13@gmail.com

Heidi Tuason | 2003

Doctoral Student in Public Health (DrPH) in Community Health and minor in Asian American Studies at UCLA

Heidi is a Creative Public Health Professional. She graduated with a B.A. in Ethnic Studies and a B.S. in Biology from UCSD. Along with being a doctoral student, Heidi is a Graduate Mentor for historically underrepresented students with UCLA’s Academic Advancement Program. She focuses on evaluation of creative methods of health education and promotion in immigrant communities (particularly the use of digital storytelling/ film/ theater in mental health stigma reduction in the Filipino community) and the disaggregation of Asian and Pacific Islander health data. She has worked in various locations in the SF/Bay Area. She plays piano for Catholic churches and retreat centers in the Bay Area

Heidi is a proud auntie of 5 nieces and nephews. She also has an MPH in Maternal & Child Health, multicultural and global health focus from UC Berkeley (2010).

Email: heidimph@gmail.com | LinkedIn

Roberto Gonzalez | 2003

Program Manager/ Instructor, housing/ nonprofit services

Roberto is the Program Manager at Housing Opportunities Collaborative, Inland Empire. He manages a virtual counseling program that connects residents to free community resources. He is also an Instructor at Santiago Canyon College, teaching 16-week courses on technology and business skills.

He managed to stay out of serious trouble since graduating, which is an accomplishment in itself. He received his Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from UC Irvine and has worked with housing and community development nonprofit organizations. He is also a HUD-certified housing counselor and a board member of the Inland Empire Family Resource Center Coalitio,n which works on family strengthening programs. He is a soon-to-be father and expecting a boy.

Email: robvox3@gmail.com

Mariana Celestino | 2004

Development Associate at American Red Cross

Yau Lee | 2004

Court Paralegal/ Legal Assistant at San Francisco Superior Court

Yao is surrounded by great mentors. She is a marathoner and half-ironman finisher. She measures success in life by happiness and opportunities she has applied for.

Email: yaulee10@gmail.com

Jamila Aswad | 2004

Area Coordinator for George Washington University

Jamila is involved with volunteering at local high schools teaching seniors about self-advocacy and risky behavior in college.

Email: Juaswad@gmail.com

Jeffrey Montojo | 2005

Technical Services Manager in Manufacturing / Engineering

Jeffrey manages quality and process engineering for the GAF Fontana, CA plant. GAF is a manufacturer of building materials (roofing, insulation and venting products). He is involved in continuous improvement projects, new product development and business development focused on top and bottom line growth. He is enthusiastic, motivated and detailed. He is a licensed Professional Engineer (Chemical Engineering) under the California Board of Professional Engineers. He achieved his certification in May of 2014.

He is also attending graduate school part-time to obtain an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Jeffrey is happily married to his wife whom he met at UC San Diego through a mutual friend who went to Bridge. In his free time, Jeffrey is an avid runner and road biker. He enjoys participating in sprint triathlons every couple of months.

Email: jhmontojo@gmail.com

Amy Boudsady | 2007

Marketing Director at Commercial Real Estate

Amy is involved in public relations, print and digital ads, community engagement, brand development, and marketing strategy. Please refer to her LinkedIn profile for more information, and feel free to contact her there.

Amy Boudsady LinkedIn

Triny A Rios | 2007

Graduate Research Assistant in Counseling

Triny is currently a graduate student at Loyola Marymount University pursuing a MA in Counseling. She hopes to further my education and pursue a Ph.D in Counseling Psychology. Her biggest accomplishment is accepting herself for who she is. Triny identifies as a chicana, artist, sister, daughter, lover, community advocate, y mujer.

Email: trinyarios@gmail.com

Daisy Cruz | 2007

Staff Research Associate II at UCSD

Daisy's experience includes several global public health research projects, and traveling to conduct research-related field work with underserved populations in Mexico and Guatemala.

Daisy is extremely thankful for having had the opportunity be a part of Summer Bridge. It greatly facilitated her transition as a minority student and helped her make positive connections at UCSD. She is looking forward to pursue a graduate degree in the near future. During her time at UCSD she was actively involved with the MARC (minority access to research careers) program and since then has been interested and actively involved in research.

Mario Abraham Zuniga | 2007

Science Teacher United States Peace Corps, Cameroon

Mario works in a small village called Ngyen-Muwah (population of around 800) in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, Africa as a mathematics and physics teacher at the Government High School Ngyen-Muwah. After graduating with a BS in Environmental Engineering and working for 2 years in the Hydraulics Laboratory as Scripps Institute of Oceanography, he is happy to say he's about to finish his first year of teaching as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Email: mazuniga12@gmail.com | LinkedIn

Alexis Smith | 2008

Law Student at University of San Diego School of Law

Alexis is the President of La Raza Law Students, Vice President of Immigration Justice Law Society, and an Intern with The Immigration Center for Women and Children.

Email: smith.alexis90@gmail.com

Cameron Liang | 2008

Student at The University of Chicago

Sarah Calara | 2008

Student at UCLA and BergerABAM Project Coordinator

Sarah is pursuing a Masters in Public Policy with a concentration in Education Policy. She hopes to work with Professor Robert Teranishi on an educational research project of AAPI communities in higher education.

Email: sarah.calara@gmail.com

Jennifer Hoang | 2008

Optometry Student at Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B. Ketchum University

Email: jenniferhoang.2018@ketchum.edu

Geraldine Hernandez | 2008

Research Associate at Celgene

Geraldine received her B.S in Human Biology from Revelle College. She is involved in the discovery of cancer and inflammatory disease drug therapies.

Email: Hernandez.geraldine89@gmail.com

Victoria Stinson | 2008

Program Coordinator for UC Irvine COSMOS and CAMP Statewide

In both roles, Victoria gets to work with students who are determined to reach their educational goals. With COSMOS (California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science), she works with high school students from all around the world (primarily California) who are interested in pursuing areas of math and science. Students get to live on campus for 4 weeks and take classes with well-known UCI faculty. With CAMP (California Alliance for Minority Participation), she gets to work with undergraduates across all UC campuses. Their goal is to increase the number of B.A./B.S. degrees granted to underrepresented students in areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Email: vstinson@uci.edu

Paloma Contreras | 2009

Paralegal at United Farm Workers of America

Paloma describes herself as an advocate, learner, listener, and a Christian. Currently, Paloma works for the UFW on class action cases focused on bringing down multi-million dollar companies that take advantage of farm worker’s rights. She loves her job and the work she and UFW are doing to better the world around us for the Latino community.

Paloma helped establish LaFe, a Christian community on campus focused on combining faith and social justice. During her undergraduate career, she was highly involved in InterVarsity, Revelle College, the Res Life office and served as an Orientation Leader.

Email: pcontreras24@sbcglobal.net

Thieny Nguyen | 2009

Program Associate in education/ nonprofit field

At UCSD, Thieny was involved with OASIS, SPACES, A.S., APSA and Sixth College. After UCSD, she co-founded Nha of New Nu: Womxn's Poetry Collective in Viet Nam and was an intern at the San Diego National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum. She was also involved in VietUnity, a SF-Bay-area-founded grassroots Vietnamese progressive community for multi-issue, multi-racial, & multiclass peace, justice and self-determination.

She describes herself as adventurous, resourceful, an education advocate, and an INFJ personality. Some of her accomplishments were McNair Scholar 2012 researching social justice curricula in secondary schools, being a Multiple Level English Teacher in Viet Nam and traveling to Jamaica, Mexico City, Ecuador, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and getting into grad school.

Email: thienyyy@gmail.com

Kimberly Arteaga | 2009

Family and Community Coordinator at THINK Together

As the Family and Community Coordinator, Kimberly oversees 5 different lementary schools, brings resources for the students and their families, and gets the families involved with the community. She works with the site coordinators from each school to help the students attain a better education. Kimberly is hard-working and dedicated. "Never give up on your dreams. The impossible becomes the possible."

Email: arteagakim17@gmail.com

Gaby García | 2009

MBA Student/ Substitute Teacher at CSU Fullerton – Fullerton School District

Gaby is currently pursuing her Masters in Business Administration at Cal State Fullerton and working her way through graduate school as a substitute teacher at Fullerton School District. Gaby is adventurous and willing to learn. She studied abroad while at UCSD for half of her academic career — she traveled to Taiwan for 3 semesters, France for 1 semester and spent a summer in Spain. She believes tudying abroad is a rewarding experience and she would like to encourage undergraduate students to take advantage of the programs and scholarships that the UC system has to offer.

Jennifer Maldonado | 2009

Healthy Communities Fellow at InnerCity Struggle Organization

Jennifer is the first in her family to graduate from a 4-year college. She studied abroad in Ireland for 5 months and returned to work for communities that helped her. She was involved with MEChA, the Che Cafe Collective, and Son Jarocho Workshop Collective. She was an intern at the Cross-Cultural Center, an RA for Sixth College SummerBridge Housing, and worked as the MEChA de UCSD Retention Rep with SPACES.

Email: jennifermaldon@gmail.com


Samantha Acuña | 2010

Law and Business student at University of Hastings

Samantha will be interning for an international business law firm in Bangkok, Thailand this summer. She is currently part of the student body government, a diverse organization, and planning on joining more organizations on campus. Samantha is fairly well-traveled, covering 6-7 continents. Her job experiences in the past include working for law firms and being a business developer of big tech companies.

Email: samanthacuna@gmail.com

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