Student Jobs at OASIS

OASIS offers excellent employment opportunities for UCSD undergraduates. These positions provide professional-level skills to make you more competitive for graduate school, professional school (e.g., medicine or law), or postgraduate employment.

How to Apply

  1. First, review positions available each summer and academic year, and identify the OASIS program for which you would like to work.
  2. Review the requirements and prerequisites for OASIS student workers.
  3. Make an appointment with the program’s contact person to discuss your interests and obtain an application.

The most qualified candidates will be scheduled for interviews. Only those candidates interviewing in person will be considered for positions. Unfortunately we will not be able to interview candidates over the phone.

Programs That Need Student Workers

  • Language Arts Tutorial Services — hires tutors to provide individual and group support in writing and foreign languages. LATS tutors learn effective teaching strategies and knowledge about the composition process in a diverse context.

    For more information, email Amy Shen or call (858) 534-9961.

  • Math and Science Tutorial Program — hires tutors and workshop leaders to provide group support in chemistry, math, and physics. MSTP student staff learn problem solving strategies, effective teaching techniques, and collaboration skills in a diverse context.

    For more information, email MSTP or call (858) 534-1469.

  • Student Support Services Program — hires mentors as well as tutors in math, science, and writing to provide individual support for students. SSSP tutors learn effective teaching techniques while mentors learn counseling and mentoring strategies in a diverse context.

    For more information, email Berenice Jau or call (858) 534-3761.

  • Summer Bridge Program — hires Academic Transition Counselors to provide support and direction to freshmen. Academic Transition Counselors learn individual counseling and group facilitation skills within a diverse context.

    For more information, email Margarita Lopez or call (858) 534-3762.

  • 2Excel Program — hires mentors to provide support and direction to sophomore students. 2Excel mentors learn individual counseling and group facilitation skills within a diverse context. 

         For more information, email Haydee Cervantes Salazar or call (858) 822-2076. 

Benefits of Working at OASIS

Students who work at OASIS enjoy great learning experiences and the satisfaction of providing valuable services to UCSD students in need of academic support. You'll establish a large, helpful social network of other excellent students that provides important information and support.

  • Learn/ enhance important skills (collaboration, communication, problem-solving, teaching, or counseling/ mentoring) that will facilitate admission to postgraduate school and/or employment. These are skills that can be used throughout your professional career.
  • Increase your own academic achievement and learning by teaching, mentoring, and counseling others.
  • Contribute to the retention/ achievement, learning and development of other UCSD students, including working-class students, first-generation college students, and underrepresented students of color.
  • Enjoy mentoring by the committed professional staff of OASIS.
  • Receive priority access to OASIS services.
  • Expand your social network by meeting other students and staff.
  • Work flexible hours.