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Facilitating the intellectual and personal development of UC San Diego students, particularly underrepresented and underserved students.

Welcome to Oasis

We are the learning center at UC San Diego and provide most of the free tutoring on campus in a collaborative, supportive environment. All UC San Diego students are eligible to receive OASIS services. Each year, OASIS serves 3,000 students in language, math, science, study skills, and writing as well as peer counseling and peer mentoring.

Virtually all UC San Diego students are high achievers. This means that UC San Diego is an extremely competitive, challenging campus. Students who try to “make it” on their own often become lonely and alienated, suffer academically, and graduate without developing social skills that are important to employers and graduate and professional schools. OASIS works to facilitate your academic development as you want it.

We believe in one very important educational principle: learning is a social process and students grow and develop the most when they are challenged, supported, and when learning is shared collaboratively. This principle is supported by extensive research.

We also recognize the mission of UC San Diego as a public institution is to prepare students for their active, successful future in an increasingly diverse society. We help students’ access campus services that will develop their critical thinking skills, leadership ability, and cultural competence. We believe that with such preparation, UCSD graduates will contribute mightily to a more just society and a more positive social fabric for the state of California.

Our Services and Programs

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Quarter at a Glance (Excel and PDF)