2019 TRIO SSSP Dates and Information

TRIO SSSP will offer Summer Experience for our incoming cohort of freshmen and transfer students from August 10th - August 17th. The Summer Experience is a residential enrichment program designed to help you transition to UC San Diego so that you can:

  • SUCCEED instead of just SURVIVE at UC San Diego!
  • Build a sense of CONFIDENCE!
  • Gain a sense of KNOWLEDGE and BELONGING that will help you at UC San Diego.
  • Meet staff, faculty, and other resources that will help you establish a long-lasting connection at UC San Diego.
  • Meet current TRIO SSSP students.
  • Build friendships with peers and mentors that will aid in your transition process.
  • Belong to a support program until you graduate.
  • Experience cultural events to help you meet other UC San Diego students.

If you participate in the Summer Experience, you're required to spend every night with the program and take part in activities and workshops throughout the entire day. If you have a mitigating circumstance that prevents you from participating in a residential overnight program, but you would still like the opportunity to participate and commute, please e-mail TRIO SSSP Director Berenice Jau.

How to Apply

  • You may access the application beginning May 3 here
    • If you are having trouble with the application, please email triosss@ucsd.edu 
  • Be sure to upload essay responses. Incomplete applications will not be accepted!
  • Don't forget to upload,mail, email, or fax your/parents first two pages of 1040 Tax Form or an Income Verification Form (if taxes were taxable income found line 10 on the 1040 tax form). 
  • Application deadlines are midnight (PST):
    • Freshmen and Transfers: Friday, July 5, 2019

After You Apply

  • You'll be notified about acceptance by Monday, July 15th, 2019

Questions? E-mail Oasis Transition Programs or call (858) 534-2801.