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OASIS Graduation Portfolio

The OASIS graduation portfolio is a comprehensive effort from OASIS staff members to help prepare undergraduate students in their last year with their transition out of UC San Diego and into professional schools, graduate schools, and industry job opportunities. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us at

Portfolio Requirements

  • Required
  • Optional (Choose 2)
    • Mock Interview via Big Interview UCSD Career Services Center
      • Proof of Completion
    • Graduate School or Career Research 
      • For ex. Deadlines, Requirements (GRE, 2 year experience)
    • Professional Development Webinar & Reflection
    • Clifton’s Strengthsquest
      • Email Margarita for an access code
      • Submit “Your Signature Themes”
    • “How Did I Get to Where I am Now?” Staff Interview/Networking


How to Submit

  • Portfolio will need to be electronic and merged into ONE entire document (versus emailing/sharing multiple attachments)
  • Option 1: Shared via google drive and accessible to
  • Option 2: Attached to an email as a PDF or Word document addressed to:



Due Date: June 5, 2020 (End of Week 10)



OASIS Graduation Committee 

Brian Crie

Assistant Coordinator for Math & Science Tutorial Program (MSTP) 

  • Major: Chemical Engineering from UCSD 
  • Masters in Education w/ Specialization in College Counseling & Student Development from Point Loma Nazarene

I've worked for OASIS since I graduated in 2014, but have also had engineering internships during undergrad.  My involvement in student organizations in undergrad has allowed me to coordinate large scale events/conferences and speak at different events as an alumni.  In my masters program, I was able to connect with higher education professionals in other fields + K-12 educators/counselors and I had a field experience in the office of Equity & Student Success at Grossmont College for 6 months.  My research was in exploring the connection between sense of belonging and critical reflection.

Emmeline (Emme) Domingo

Hi! I’m a newer OASIS family member, although I’ve been working at UCSD for over 5 years now. I started working with OASIS over the summer of 2019. My current role is essentially to make sure that everyone at OASIS has everything they need to get their jobs done, and to support overall programming. I love it. But the steps it took me to finally get to a job I enjoy weren’t always easy, and I’d be happy to share about my different ups and downs and hear about some of yours. Here are some tidbits on my personal and professional background:

  • Majors: Literary Journalism & Sociology (UC Irvine)
  • M.A. in Post-Secondary Educational Leadership aka Student Affairs (SDSU)
  • Identities: Filipina, first-gen college grad, dog mom, San Diego local (born and raised)
  • Previous professional roles at UCSD: Academic Advisor & Outreach Coordinator for Education Studies; Student & Instructional Services Assistant for Biology
  • Previous jobs prior to UCSD: Admissions Counselor (Ashford University), Sales Associate (Aaron Brothers)
  • Other professional experiences: Social Justice Facilitator (SDSU), Assessment Intern (Summer Bridge - SDSU), Leadership Conference Presenter (SDSU)
  • Clifton Strengths: Connectedness | Developer | Empathy | Learner | Intellection

Bel Geromino


Summer Bridge Assistant Coordinator 

Hi everyone! I’m a first-generation college graduate  (2014) and attended UC San Diego’s Sixth College as a Human Development major. I attended Summer Bridge, where I got my first job as an intern and eventually worked in various student staff mentorship positions. After graduating I took a gap year to apply for jobs while having informational interviews with professionals in counseling both clinically and within the community college system. Fortunately, I was able get my first professional staff position working with the Warren College Student Affairs team before transitioning back to OASIS. It continues to be a journey of exploration and I look forward to learning about your aspirations as well!

Margarita Lopez

Summer Bridge Program Coordinator

  • Major: Sociology, Minor: International Migration Studies from UC San Diego
  • Masters in Social Work from San Diego State University
  • Former Social Work Intern at Ciudad de Los Niños in Tijuana, Mexico
  • Former Social Work Intern at Otay Elementary School (Chula Vista), Helix High School (Chula Vista), and Feaster Middle School (Chula Vista)
  • Have worked with Summer Bridge as an Assistant Coordinator and now Coordinator for the past 5 years and have had the opportunity to present at 2 Conferences (NASPA and First-Generation)

Stephanie Ramos

She/ Her/ Hers 

2nd Year Experience Program Assistant 

Hello folks! My name is Stephaine Ramos and it’s nice to virtually connect! I am a first-generation UCSD college graduate that majored in Human Development and received a minor in Ethnic Studies, but I wasn’t always sure what path I wanted to take or what major I wanted to commit to. My undergraduate experience has definitely been one where I learned the most about myself, my goals, the reality of the world, and what it meant to “grow up”; I’m still learning to this day! 

I had the opportunity to work for Summer Bridge as a mentor for two years and a student coordinator where I believe my passion for helping students came to be. Once I was close to finishing my academic career at UCSD, I was contacted by the coordinator of the 2nd Year Experience to hold a temporary position as a program assistant that eventually became permanent. I am an active learner, always striving for success and taking it day by day. If I can be of any assistance to this transition in your life, because it is a BIG ONE, I am here to help! Networking, asking for help, and listening to other people’s stories are some of the many ways that we can all continue to grow and learn from each other.

Andre Thompson



OASIS Program Support Specialist 

Hello y'all! My name is Andre Thompson and I am a Black 1st-generation UCSD graduate that majored in Political Science (American Politics) and minored in African-American studies. I also did research under the McNair Scholar's program at UCSD and was a student leader on a number of organizations. My path to today has many different paths, some paved, others unpaved that helped me to be where I am today. Following my passions has been the key to lead me through, lets chat! 


Sabrina Tucker

Hello Everyone! I'm Sabrina who started off as a General Biology Major graduating from UCSD. I was a facilitator for MSTP pretty much my entire college career. After graduation I worked odd jobs in San Diego until I got a job here at OASIS as the Math Subject Coordinator for the same program I'd been a student staff member for. I've been in this position for 3 years. 🙂

Ebony Wiley-Campbell

Summer Bridge Program Assistant

With Summer Bridge,  I’m blessed to have the opportunity to assist resilient students while they persist through college and feel connected to both academic and cultural support systems. This is supported by utilizing my strengths, fine tuning my talents and allowing my values to create accountability to stay authentic to myself. My skill set creates space for equity and compassionate service in our local region by establishing community building as a priority in the student experience.  


Transitional programs have played a tremendous part in my personal, academic and professional growth over the course of fourteen years. I was a participant in three TRIO programs, all geared towards assisting students who are or will be the first in their families to graduate from college, students from under resourced communities, students with varying abilities, etc. While working with TRIO Upward Bound, I gained four years of high school advising experience that was centered around servant leadership and intrusive advising, taking a proactive approach by anticipating factors that could potentially get in the way of  student success. I think critically about whose culture has capital based off of theory by T.J. Yosso and I have researched themes around student persistence and dropout rates by experts like Vincent Tinto.  


As a proud first-gen college graduate and education advocate, I am committed to transforming the lives of my students by creating more engaged global citizens, critical thinkers and innovative leaders. A highlight of my professional career was serving as Secretary, Vice-President and President for the Black Faculty and Staff Association at California State University San Marcos. Furthermore, I have presented at four conferences and helped plan over twelve conferences and graduate recognition ceremonies for populations ranging from pre-college to career professionals. It brings me joy to celebrate other’s accomplishments and help them grow by utilizing creativity and curiosity to fuel life-long learning. 


Palomar Community College 

Arizona State University- Ethnicity, Race and First Nations Studies, B.A. 

University of San Diego- Higher Education Leadership, M.A.