Requirements & Prerequisites for Jobs at OASIS

Requirements for All Positions

  • UCSD undergraduates (any college or major)
  • A GPA of 3.0 or higher by the end of Spring Quarter for summer tutoring positions. 2.75 for mentors (Exceptions can be made if you do not meet the GPA requirement. Ask for more information if you’re interested.)
  • Concern for other students
  • Appreciation for equity and diversity
  • Experience working with diverse students and/or knowledge of the post-secondary experience of underrepresented students is required
  • Previous experience in tutoring and/or teaching preferred for facilitator positions
  • Initial screening will be based on review of all application materials
  • The most qualified candidates will be scheduled for interviews
  • Additional criteria unique to each position will also be applied

EDS 116 (Required for Some Positions)

Candidates for the following positions must take the EDS 116 course as a prerequisite to employment with OASIS:

EDS 116 is an Education Program Studies course taught by OASIS professional staff. EDS 116 focuses on research and theory on college student success, the development of college students, and effective strategies to facilitate college students' learning. It's a 4-unit, P/NP course offered each quarter.

Students in EDS 116 must complete weekly readings and reaction papers, a group presentation, and a final exam paper. In addition, you must fulfill the requirement of a "practicum" that is specific to the OASIS position you seek (for example, Mentor practicum, LATS practicum, and MSTP practicum).

EDS 116 is not a requirement for summer positions (except for the positions of Academic Transition Counselor, 2Excel Mentor & SSSP Peer Mentor).

For more information about the EDS 116 course, e-mail Dallawrence Dean or call (858) 534-1478.