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LATS Virtual Support

LATS offers virtual academic support in a wide range of disciplines, including the six college writing programs, AWP courses, and foreign languages. LATS also offers tutoring sessions for upper-division courses and other writing projects, such as personal statements for scholarships, graduate school, and internships. Individual tutoring and workshops are provided by knowledgeable, well-trained tutors and facilitators who specialize in their respective college writing program, academic disciplines, and various forms of writing. Tutors are available to provide 1-on-1 support to you during your entire writing process. LATS programs (tutoring and workshops) run during weeks 2-10 and will only take place virtually (via WC Online & Zoom) during this time.

Tutoring Logistics and Information:

  • Option to select synchronous or asynchronous tutoring.
  • Guidelines for scheduling asynchronous tutoring: 
    • If an assignment is 1-2 pages, schedule an appointment for 30 minutes.
    • If an assignment is 2-4 pages, schedule an appointment for 1 hour (60 minutes).
    • If an assignment is 4-6 pages, schedule an appointment for 1.5 hours (90 minutes).
    • Note: Any assignment that is 6+ pages should be discussed via a synchronous appointment.
  • Options to schedule appointments that last 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes (depending on tutor's availability).
  • Same-day appointments are possible as long as they are scheduled 120 minutes in advance.
  • Students cannot schedule consecutive appointments with the same tutor in one day.
  • Tutors can be selected based on focus area (majors/minors/courses) by clicking on the "Limit to" drop-down menu toward the top of the Tutoring Schedule
  • Virtual Tutoring will occur through & Zoom (links provided by tutor).
  • Tutoring Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-2pm.

Workshop Logistics and Information:

  • LATS writing workshops are designed to provide supplemental support to students enrolled in courses within UC San Diego's first-year writing programs.
    • Students who register and attend workshops will receive support from experienced tutors who will provide guidance on writing assignments and facilitate discussions on weekly course content.
  • Registration: Students interested in attending workshops for supplemental writing support must register through,
    • Select the schedule for "Writing Workshops - Winter 2021"
    • Upon registration, take note of the workshop "location" (Zoom link) which will show in the confirmation window and will also be included in the confirmation email.
    • The registration limit per workshop is 15 students. Students attempting to register after the limit is reached will be placed on a waitlist and added only if there are cancellations.
  • Weekly attendance encouraged but not required. Students who wish to attend weekly will need to register for each week.
  • Winter 2021 workshop offerings include support for students enrolled in the Muir College Writing Program, Making of the Modern World (ERC), Dimensions of Culture (Marshall College), Analytical Writing Program, and Warren College Writing Program:

Winter Workshops


Day, Time

MCWP 40 (A)

Arley Bibiano & Sophia Jara

Wednesday, 2pm

MCWP 40 (B)

Yuling Wong

Thursday, 4pm

MMW 12

Sanjana Dhamarkar & Morgan Yen

Thursday, 5pm


Sarah Bonomi & Omar Flores

Thursday, 4pm


Barbara Lee &  Montserrat Aguilar 

Wednesday, 4pm


Silk Shimamoto & Priscila

Friday, 1pm

Support for English Language Learners 




Language Arts Tutorial Services

Need writing support? OASIS-LATS is here for you!

Find a tutor or register for a workshop HERE!

How to Apply For a Virtual Tutoring Appointment

  1. Register an account and make an appointment at
  2. Select an appointment time that fits your schedule and fill the required sections.

How to Join the Virtual Tutoring Appointment

  1. Login to & click on “Start or Join Online Consultation”
  2. Allow WCOnline to access your video and audio
  3. Zoom meeting ID will be in the chat feature of the WCOnline module

How to Cancel a Virtual Tutoring Appointment

1. Visit

2. Edit your appointment and click on the “cancel appointment” button

*Note: Make sure to cancel your appointment at least two hours in advance. Cancellations made in less than two-hours will be considered late. Three late cancellations or no-shows may result in tutoring privileges being suspended for a limited time.