2Excel is a retention program serving second-year students. The program is a year-long commitment starting Fall through Spring quarter.

Program Services Include:

Peer Mentorship

You will be matched with an upper classmate who is in a similar major or field of interest.  You must meet three times per quarter with your assigned mentor for the entire academic year.

Meet the 2Excel Mentors!

Professional staff, support, and advising

You must complete an initial meeting with the coordinator of 2Excel.

Priority enrollment in tutorial workshops

You will have priority enrollment in Math and Science Tutorial Program (MSTP) Workshops and tutorial services as applicable based on your enrolled courses.

Information and access to campus resources

Workshops and presentations of different campus resources such as Studying Abroad, Undergraduate Research, Career Services Center etc. are scheduled Fall and Spring quarter.

A supportive process to review and (re)establish goals

You are directed to explore goals setting — academic, personal and social goals — as part of the seminar process and during the length of participation in the program.

A 2-unit seminar (Winter Quarter)

EDS 23 focuses on college students' second year of higher education, the challenges that you confront during this period, and alternative solutions to those challenges.

Priority enrollment for registration

You must be an active participant and follow mandatory responsibilities of the program.

OASIS alumni mentorship

You are encouraged to participate in the OASIS Alumni Mentorship program where you can be matched to an alumni in a similar major and/or career field.

Questions? E-mail oasis2excel@ucsd.edu or call (858) 534-2801.